About us

First Baptist Newark began as a mission church born from the loving sponsor of First Southern Baptist Church of Hayward in 1952. The current congregation is made up of a diverse population of believers and disciples of Jesus Christ in Tri-City and greater bay area. By the grace of God, the congregation always maintains its focus on Gospel mission. The church provides support for poor and needy through a local food bank as well as sponsors overseas missions in countries of Macau, Mexico and Africa. 

Statement of Faith

First Baptist Newark is a member of Southern Baptist Convention. We adopt the year 2000 Baptist Faith and Message. 

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Our Mission 

We are committed to expressing our love relationship with God trough worship and learning to surrender to His will, and by growing in our relationship with Him through daily discipleship. We express our love relationship with one another through caring, accountable partnerships and loving acts of service, and we extend God's love to others by sharing the Good News with all people.

Our Vision

First Baptist Church of Newark, California (FBCN) will establish its identity in our community as a God-focus, Christ-centered, Spirit-filled body which honors and lives by the Word of God. 

FBCN members will practice God's grace and truth through loving acts of service and sharing the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit. Through continued spiritual growth and increasing Christ-likeness, we will become faithful witness for Christ. 

FBCN will be a training center in a safe environment for Christians of all ages and stages of spiritual maturity. The five fundamental functions of the New Testament church (evangelism, fellowship, worship, discipleship, ministry) are taught, modeled, learned and applied. Each member is tutored and supported on a life-long adventure of fulfilling Christ's Great Commission. 

God's name will be honored by many and respected by all. His values will shine, our community will become a safer place to live, and God's kingdom will grow both here and abroad.

Our Pastor

Dr. Raymond Meyer first joined First Baptist Church of Newark in 1991. Although he left for a few years to continue his education, he eventually returned to the place that he calls home. Raymond says, "I consider First Baptist my home church. Through the years, this fellowship has always been a warm and welcoming place for me and my family..."

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